• Zennies Before

    Zennies source code is committed to Github

    ICO sells out in less than a day

    ZENI is listed on minor exchanges including YoBit

    ZENI ranked on CoinMarketCap

    Zennies accomplishes many industry innovations

  • Zennies Now

    ZENI network growth
    The Zennies network is resilient and stands the test of time. Over 1.5M blocks have secured the ZENI network.

    New community channels
    Discord, Telegram and more online communities to support the growing Zennies economy.

    ZENI technology updates
    Bringing the latest blockchain and crypto technology to Zennies plus additional innovations to keep ZENI on the bleeding edge.

    Liquidity Enhancement via ZENI.fund
    Leveraging modern liquidity and DeFi markets while gaining further exposure.

  • Zennies Soon

    ZFS (Decentralized File Storage with Zennies)

    NFZ (Non-Fungible Zennies on the Zennies Blockchain)

    ZENI DeFi (Expanded Zennies Liquidity)

    ZENI Merchants (Buy Stuff with Zennies)

  • Critics complain. Players participate. Which one are you?