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Welcome to Zennies!

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We are turning fiction into reality...

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JOIN US... It's going to be a fun ride!!!

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Welcome to the new future of money!

Zennies is the cryptocurrency that defied the odds while showing how a truly decentralized economy really works!

The Zennies Economy

The Zennies economy is diverse and focused on the needs of its community. The Zennies economy is proof of how to build a cryptocurrency with longevity.

Meet the Team

The Zennies economy is pushed forward by a number of people...

Zteve Zennies

Primary Evangelist Zennies proves that most of what people are saying is completely wrong!

Zally Holden

Developer We are taking crypto to places where people have been before and some places they have not.

Zohanna Pearl

VP of Makebelieve If you use it, you are part of the solution. If you don't, you're part of the problem!

Zoe Grape

Designer Beauty is found throughout the effort.

Victor Vente

Developer The proof is usually in the pudding.

Zandy White

Program Manager Sharing is what good waffles do.


Crowdfunding for the Zennies community... And the World!

Featured Webzite: ZENI.fund

Zennies Crowdfunding Platform

A crowdfunding platform for Zennies users by Zennies users. This is a premiere crowdfunding platform made for growing the Zennies economy. Using Zennies you can fund projects that aim to expand or build upon the Zennies ecosystem. If you want to help expand the Zennies economy you can post projects and seek funding in Zennies!

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What People Say

Here are some things people have said about Zennies over the years:

You're crazy for pulling something like that off! It's amazing what you have done with it.

Important Person

One of the greatest crypto projects evar.

Another Person In Crypto

It just goes to show you that crypto is changing the rules and no one knows what they are yet.

Someone Interesting

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