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  • Zennies Value

    Zennies is turning fiction into reality.

    Zennies follows in the successful footsteps of its predecessors while also fulfilling its own destiny as a historically important cryptocurrency.

    Using fast blockchain technology that is secured by expansion of the network, Zennies is one of the most efficient cryptocurrencies available. Zennies uses its own blockchain to maintain autonomy. Because of this independence ZENI coins are able to maintain their value based purely on the merits of the Zennies economy.

    Zennies economic participants are better positioned to benefit directly from efforts in the Zennies ecosystem.

  • ZInnovation

    Zennies has been successful by satisfying the needs of the Zennies community and broader crypto-economy. Zennies exists as a necessity to the global cryptocurrency ecosystem. There are many cryptocurrencies in existence with many purposes and functions. As Zennies has evolved over time, the broader cryptocurrency landscape has also changed.

    Zennies is based on a holistic approach to value provision. This approach is needs-based and flexible according to market demand and community requirements. Zennies is also optimized for efficient administration in following proven methods for governance and management.

  • Zennies Specs

    • Ticker Symbol: ZENI
    • Type: Proof of Stake
    • Initial Supply: 1B ZENI
    • Stake Rate: 1% Annual
    • Block Time: 1 Minute
  • Team Zennies

    Critics complain. Players participate.
    Which one are you?